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Mad Hatter Arts Camp 2024

Please read the important information below prior to registering for our camp.

  1. First, check your school/family calendars to make sure there are no conflicts with our camp dates. Check your school's ending date. Our camp hours 9:00 am to 2:00 pm daily. Check-in begins at 8:45 am. Check-out begins about 1:50 pm. All campers must be picked-up by 2:15 pm. We do not offer any pre- or post-camp care. Our camp sessions are two weeks long, Monday- Friday. Children will attend a daily opening show and three classes. Campers will switch to three new classes during the second week. Each camp session will have a special Showcase to close the camp on the last Friday. 

  2. We only register campers for FULL sessions; no pro-rated or partial camps

  3. Campers must be 5 years old and have participated in a full-day school program prior to 06/01/24. We accept campers up to (and including) 11 years old and the summer after 5th grade.

  4. Be sure to fill out the registration form completely. Read it carefully and complete ALL requested information. The registration form is 2 parts, so be sure to complete/initial/sign the second page.

  5. Omitting any information or signatures will delay your registration and may cause you to not get a space in camp.

  6. You may request one or two friends to be grouped together. However, friends need to be near the same age and/or grade. Sometimes we may have 2 or 3 groups of children that are the same age/grade, so don't assume another child will automatically be in your child's group. We cannot accommodate "super groups"- groups of 5 or more children together. We want to offer the same friendship opportunity to all our families. 

  7. You are not registered until you receive a confirmation email from us.

  8. Registrations will be collected until Feb. 7 then drawn by lottery.

  9. Confirmation emails will be sent by Feb. 10. It takes a couple of days to email everyone so please be patient. Your friend may get an email before you do, but don't panic! We'll email you soon.

  10. Please select the MAIN session you'd like to attend. Also list other sessions that you CAN attend in the event that your first choice session is full. You may also choose to attend a second session and we will try to accomodate if spaces are available.

  11. PAYMENTS:  Tuition is $850/first child per session and $825/additional children, which includes a $200 deposit per child per session which is required to hold your space(s). The balance of your tuition is due on or before May 1, 2024. The easiest method of payment is by online invoice. The deposit is due within 5 days of confirmation email in order to save your space(s). You may also pay by personal check (included with your registration forms).  If you choose to use a money order, cashier's check, or pay in cash, you will need to hand these directly to the camp administrator. You may need to make an appointment with us if our studios are closed. NEVER put cash in  our mailbox. NEVER include credit card information on your registration forms. We are not responsible for stolen information if it is included. Your payment will not be deposited if you are placed on our Waiting List. If you are offered a space at a later time, then your payment will be deposited once we confirm with you.

  12. Your deposit is non-refundable if we confirm your spaces at camp. If you need to withdraw from camp, we will refund your deposit if another family fills your space. Your refund will incur a $40 per child processing fee. We can provide a copy of our Refund Policy upon written request.

  13. SUBMITTING YOUR REGISTRATION FORMS: The registration forms are available for download only. There is no online or website based registration. You may complete the forms electronically (9 point font minimum, please!); then email it back to us. Or you can print the forms, complete them manually, scan and email back to us. You may deliver your forms in a sealed envelope addressed to Mad Hatter Arts Camp. You can hand them directly to us at the beginning or ending of our after-school classes Monday-Thursday (our building is locked during class). You can also place your forms in our mailbox, located on the north end of the fence in front of the courtyard. This outer mailbox is shared by multiple recipients; mail will get sorted every few days and placed in our box. We do not recommend that you mail your forms via USPS. Mail service has been slow and we are not responsible for late or lost mail.

  14. If you have any questions, call 713-927-1081

Due to extremely high traffic on our web page, the registration form may take longer than expected to download.

Try refreshing the page, changing your browser or check back later at non-peek times. 

As a last resort, send us an email and we can email you the form.

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