Mad Hatter Arts Camp 2020

**Please read this important information prior to registering for our camp.**

Our Traditional Summer Camp Program is Cancelled for 2020

Please check back next year.

  1. First, check your school/family calendars to make sure there are no conflicts with our camp dates. Check your school's ending date. Registration form available in late Jan. 2021

  2. We only register campers for FULL sessions; no partial camps, please

  3. Campers must be 5 years old and have participated in a full-day school program prior to the start of camp. We accept campers up to (and including) 11 years old and the summer after 5th grade.

  4. Be sure to fill out the registration form completely. Read it carefully and initial (choose one option) and sign and date on the appropriate spaces.

  5. Omitting any information or signatures will delay your registration and may cause you to not get a space in camp.

  6. You may request one or two friends to be grouped together. However, friends need to be around the same age and/or grade. Sometimes we may have 2 or 3 groups of children that are the same age/grade, so don't assume another child will automatically be in your child's group. We cannot accommodate "super groups"- groups of 5 or more children together. We want to offer the same friendship opportunity to all our families.

  7. You are NOT registered until you receive a confirmation email from us.

  8. Registrations will be collected and sorted after Feb. 5, 2021.

  9. Confirmation emails will be sent beginning Feb. 15-17, 2021. It takes several days so please be patient. Your friend may get an email before you do, but don't panic.

  10. Sending your registration to us PRIOR to the beginning date of Feb. 1 will make no difference in your ability to get a place in our camps. Registrations are sorted by session and then selected "lottery" style.

  11. We usually receive enough registrations to fill our camps within a week, however we won't know who is in which camp for several days, until all the registration forms are sorted.

  12. If you have a choice, please indicate 1st choice and 2nd choice of sessions to attend.

  13. Be sure to include the correct amount of deposit: $100 PER child PER session. We take checks and money orders. If you prefer to pay cash, you will need to come by the studio when we are open. You may need to make an appointment with us if our studios are closed for the semester. NEVER leave cash in the mailbox! Credit Cards may be used but will incur a 3.5% handling fee. If you are placed into one of our camps, we will call you for the card information, Simply indicate that you wish to pay with a card (do NOT include information on your registration!) Your payment will not be deposited if you are placed on our WAIT LIST. If you are offered a space at a later time, then your payment will be deposited once we confirm with you.

  14. Please note that families who are currently registered in our after-school classes have priority registration in advance of the general public.

  15. The registration form is available for download/printing only; no online registration available.

  16. If you have any questions, call 713-927-1081

Due to extremely high traffic on our web page, the registration form may take longer than expected to download.

Try refreshing the page, changing your browser or check back later at non-peek times. 

As a last resort, send us an email and we can email you the form.