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2022 Counselor Information

Counselors are expected to: be punctual, be attentive, be friendly, be courteous, act responsibly, listen and follow directions readily, and adapt to changing situations.

Counselors must also be able and willing to follow safety guidelines as directed by Camp Staff, which includes, but is not limited to, correctly wearing face masks, frequent hand washing, using hand sanitizers, and helping keep the camp environment clean and campers safe. Covid vaccinations are strongly encouraged when applicable.

We will be following CDC Covid-19 Guidelines which include information concerning travel. If you will be traveling prior to working at camp, please review the most current CDC guideleines and recommendations.

  1. Applications for our 2022 summer camp sessions will be available on February 14.

  2. Counselors must be age 13 PRIOR to June 1 and have completed 7th grade.  We accept applications for teens up through the summer after completing 12th grade.

  3. Mad Hatter campers must wait a year before applying to be a counselor (last camp attended 2020)

  4. Be sure to check your family and school calendars PRIOR to submitting your application. If you need to change your work schedule, it is very unlikely we will be able to switch the sessions you work.

  5. First year counselors may apply for one summer camp session.

  6. Counselors who have worked with us previously may apply for 2 camp sessions.

  7. Application is available to download/print only; no online application available.

  8. NOT ALL applicants will be hired. We have many more applications than we do positions available. If you are flexible with your schedule, you are more likely to have an opportunity. Indicate your preference (1st choice, 2nd choice) on your application.

  9. Counselors must be willing to work in ANY position that we need filled, from kitchen/administrative duty, to working with a group of children or working in a room with a teacher. This assignment could change daily, depending on our needs. Counselors must be willing to work in a variety of settings.

  10. Counselors are expected to arrive each day by 8:30 am and stay until 2:15 pm

  11. Counselors will have at least two after-camp meetings, which will be announced in advance, usually on Thursdays. 

  12. If chosen, applicants will be required to take a special on-line training course and present a certificate of completion at a mandatory counselor meeting in May (date TBD). This training must be completed prior to the beginning of camp or applicant may not work.

  13. Applications will be accepted Feb 14 - Mar 14. You will receive a confirmation email by March 20. If we still have positions open, we may accept applications after March.

  14. For any questions, call 713-927-1081 (Lori Knapp) or 713-863-8988 (office)

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