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Mad Hatter Arts Camp 2023
Deadline to register for any camp is 2 weeks prior to the first day of that session.

Session 1: June 5- June 16 
(Registration now closed)
Influencers in History: Step back in time and discover the world's greatest artists and thinkers who influenced history. Campers will be introduced to iconic figures who shaped society and will inspire them to create their own masterpieces. Michelangelo, da Vinci, Miro, Pollock, Picasso, Shakespeare, and more.
10 days, 9am to 2 pm, $799 per child

Session 2: June 19- June 30
(Registration now closed)
A Journey to Down Under: We will explore the vibrant and diverse cultures of Australia and New Zealand through the art of indigenous peoples, unique geography and history, and the exotic world of flora and fauna. Campers will gain newfound artistic skills and a better appreciation of these beautiful countries while learning about didgeridoos, the Great Barrier Reef, kiwis, Hobbiton, and more.
10 days, 9am to 2 pm, $799 per chil

Session 3: July 10- July 21
(Full! Waiting List available)
I Spy- The World of Hidden Things 
Campers will use creativity and observation skills to learn about HIDDEN things; from archeological treasures, to the invention of microscopes and telescopes, to artwork hidden under famous masterpieces. Just like the game "I Spy' campers will explore their environment to find inspiration for their creations.

10 days, 9am to 2 pm, $799 per child

Mini-Camp: July 24- July 28 
(Full- Waiting list available)
Tropical Paradise: Campers will discover the beauty found in the Hawaiian Islands while learning about their rich history and culture.
5 days ONLY!, 9am to 2 pm, $400 per child
Children will
attend 3 classes during this week: Art 1, Art 2, and Culture Clash.

Since 1998, the artists of Mad Hatter Art camp have provided engaging classes for children in art, drama, science, games, movement, culture, and creative play. Your child will participate in some of these classes the first week, then rotate to all new classes during the second week of camp. Each session will feature a new projects, new activities, and a world of new experiences.

Our camps are for students in grades K-5th grades (ages 5-11). Camp
 hours are 9:00 am to 2:00 pm daily. Check-in begins at 8:45 am. All campers must be picked-up by 2:15 pm. We do not offer any pre- or post-camp care. Our camp sessions are two weeks long (except for our new mini camp), Monday- Friday. Children will attend a daily opening show and three classes. Campers will switch to three new classes during the second week. Each camp session will have a special Showcase to close the camp on the last Friday.
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