Specific Information for Registration
1. Double check your family calendar to make sure you are registering for the correct session
2. Make sure you fill out the registration form carefully and completely; missing information may cause your form to be delayed or refused. There are two (2) pages this year, so be sure to print and SIGN them (typing in your name for a legal signature will not be accepted, unless you have a legal e-signature that can be added)
3. Once you register, there is very little chance you will be able to change sessions since our camp capacity is very limited this year.
4. Once your are given a space in camp, there will be no refunds unless we can get another family (our choice) to fill your space and pay in full. There will be a $30 processing fee to issue a refund, which will be deducted from your refund amount. Refunds will be issued as follows:
     A. Before final payments are due (May 15): full amount less $30 fee
     B. May 15 - May 30: 75% of amount paid less $30 fee
     C. June 1-10: 50% of amount paid less $30 fee
     D. June 11 or after: no refunds issued     
5. If you are traveling, please consult the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention Covid-19 Guidelines prior to attending our camp.
6. To submit your registration:     PLEASE READ!!!
Registration has some challenges this year.
     A. We are not currently in the studio and are working from home.
     B. The playground at the studio is usually locked and our mailbox is not accessible. There IS a small mailbox attached to the outside of the playground fence where mail is collected, then eventually sorted to the correct boxes.
     C. The US postal service has been particularly SLOW lately, so it may take 10-14 days for your mail to arrive. We are not responsible for slow, late, or lost mail.
     D. Recommended methods for submitting paperwork/payments:
          1. Print out/complete/sign forms, scan, and email to            mhacamp@yahoo.com. You must choose to pay by credit/debit card. A confirmation email will be sent that your documents were received (you should receive an email within 24 hours; if not, please check with us!) HOWEVER, this does NOT mean you have a space at camp. A separate confirmation email will be sent by March 25.
          2. Print out/complete/sign forms and deliver to 706 Graceland St., 77009. Put your paperwork in a sealed envelope and place in the mailbox. You can include payment or indicated use of a card on the form.
          3. Print out/complete/sign forms and deliver to 1703 Heights Blvd, however you will probably have to place them in the outer mailbox. DO NOT INCLUDE CASH! We cannot guarantee how soon they will be placed into our studio mailbox.
          4. Least optimal option is to print out, complete/sign forms, and mail them to either:
Mad Hatter Arts Camp
c/o  L. Knapp
706 Graceland St.,
Houston, TX  77009
Mad Hatter Arts Camp
1703 Heights Blvd.
Houston, TX  77008