SCIENCE Day 2 Resources

Day 2: Native American Fabric Dye Project 

Objective: After introducing campers to different dyeing methods the native American’s used, campers will design and “dye” their own fabric. 

Supplies Provided: 

• 1 6x6 white fabric 

• Colored Marker set 

Supplies needed from home: 

• Protected work area 

• Paper Towels 

• Spray bottle w/ water 

Step One: Create a protected work area. Take your fabric piece and spread it out. 

Step Two: Start drawing different patterns, shapes, and designs onto the fabric. Get as creative as you want. 

Step Three: Spray your fabric lightly with water. Let it dry. Place the wet fabric on a dry surface (I placed mine outside to dry in the sun). If you want the marker dye to spread more; spray your fabric with more water. The more water you spread, the more the ink will spread. 


For more information about plants used for natural dyes, go to:

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