SCIENCE Day 4 Resources

Day 4: African American/ Black Scientist: Mae C. Jemison & Launching Rocket 

Objective: After introducing campers to astronaut, Mae Jemison and her space shuttle, The Endeavour, campers will make their own launching rocket. 

Provided Supplies: 

• 4 paper cups 

• Glue 

• 3-4 rubber bands 

• Markers to decorate 

Supplies needed from home: 

• Protected work area 

• Old clothes to work in 

• Paper towels 

Step One: Get the four cups. Glue two cups together, like they are stacked on top of one another. Do this two times. You should have two separate stacks of two cups glued together. 

Step Two: After they dry, put one aside. Get two rubber bands and wrap them around the cup. You should have a cross pattern on the opening of the cup. 

Step Three: Take another two rubber bands and wrap them around the cup. These rubber bands will wrap across the other rubber bands, securing everything. 

Step Four: Place the cup with the rubber bands on top of the other cup. Push the cup down; you don’t want to break the other rubber bands, so be mindful. Once you let go, the rocket will launch. 

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