SCIENCE Day 3 Resources

Day 3: African American/ Black Scientist: Ronald McNair & Model Rocket 

Objective: After introducing campers to astronaut Ronald McNair and his space shuttle, The Challenger, each camper will make their own space shuttle.


Supplies Provided: 

• 1 paper towel inner tube 

• Pencil 

• Printed shuttle to cut out 

• Glue Stick 

• Markers 

Supplies needed from home: 

• Protected work area 

• Old clothes to work in 

• Scissors 

Step One: Cut out the outline of the space shuttle. DO NOT cut the white portion of the paper; you will need it. 

Step Two: Cut your paper towel roll in half (6 inches) and wrap and glue the left- over white paper. Cut off any excess off and save the pieces. Decorate the covered paper towel roll to look like a space shuttle (Look at reference pictures if you need to). 

Step Three: Glue the space shuttle wings onto the paper towel. 

Step Four: Cut the leftover white paper into different sized triangles. Color the triangles to look like flames and then glue onto the bottom of the rocket. 


For more information about NASA and the Space Shuttle program, go to:

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